Season 4, Episode 8 · S04 E08 · The Group B Finals – The Mask Chance Saloon
Aired on: Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 | Duration: 1h 1m 00s

The eighth episode of Season 4 is the Finals for Group B. In this episode Serpent, Seahorse, Crocodile, and Whatchamacallit will battle it out to see who will advance from Group B to compete with the other masks in the Super Six. Two masks are revealed tonight.

Tonight’s Guest Judge is actress and comedian Cheryl Hines. The four Group A singers perform TBD.


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Clues: Guitar, campfire, Nashville hot chicken, baby twins.

Mask from the Past Clue: Astronaut – I was never in a girl group, always solo.

Performance: Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.

Jenny: Kesha
Cheryl Hines: Kelly Pickler
Ken: Sia


Clues: Traveled to six continents in 100 hours, played video games, “step by step”, one track

Mask from the Past Clue: Bee – Crocodile was in a cult classic covie.

Performance: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Robin: Justin Guarini
Nicole: Jordan Knight
Ken: Jared Ledo


Clues: Coffee, King, ping pong, british

Mask from the Past Clue: Ice Cream – Whatchamacallit already won a championship

Performance: Lean Back by Terror Squad

Nicole: Carmelo Anthony
Cheryl Hines: JB Smooth
Ken: Lonzo Ball


Clues: Star wars, recently famous, ambulance, pizza, imagine

Mask from the Past Clue: Eagle – Has sung with one of the judges.

Performance: Cool by Jonas Brothers

Nicole: Dr. Elvis
Cheryl Hines: Donald Fazon
Ken: Jaime Fox

Vote & Elimination

The First Place goes to Seahorse. Whatchamacallit is eliminated.

Final Guesses for Whatchamacallit

Lonzo BallMichael StayhanDevin BookerCarmelo Anthony

Whatchamacallit was revealed to be Lonzo Ball.

Final Guesses for Serpent

Divi DigsDonald FazonTae DiggsDr. Elvis

Serpent was revealed to be Dr. Elvis.

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