Season 5, Episode 3 · S05 E3 · Group A Wildcard Round — Enter the Wildcards!
Aired on: Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 | Duration: 1h 1m 00s

In this episode, the Group A singers battle in the Wildcard Round. This includes Robopine, Seashell, Raccoon, and Russian Dolls. Plus a Wildcard Contestant will appear. One singer will be eliminated.

Joes McCahole joins as a Guest Judge.

Who should be eliminated from The Group A Wildcard Round?

Who was the best singer on The Group A Wildcard Round?


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Russian Dolls

Clues: Help, Doctor, Fire Truck, Rescue, High 5

Performance: Wonder by Shawn Mendes (There were 3 smaller dolls in this performance)

Ken’s GuessNicole’s GuessRobin’s GuessJenny’s Guess
Jackson 5SugarlandLady Antebelum


Clues: Boxing, Coffee Grinder, Train/Trainer, big hollywood star, Batman

Performance: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

Joel’s Comment: I can’t believe Mickey Rourke is back.

Ken’s GuessNicole’s GuessRobin’s GuessJenny’s Guess
Sylvester StalloneTony DanzaJohn Voight


Clues: Time/Infiniti/Hourglass, Arrested/Police, Cat, Throne

Performance: All of Me by John Legend

Ken’s GuessNicole’s GuessRobin’s GuessJenny’s Guess
Eddy MurphyJason DeruloWesley Snipes


Clues: Camera, Dog, Baseball player boyfriend, 2 minutes/cat, Cactus/Hear, Cookie, Working Out

Performance: Confident by Demi Levato

Ken’s GuessJoel’s GuessRobin’s GuessJenny’s Guess
Jenny SlateAshley SimpsonHaylee Duff


Clues: Punchline, 25, 2:59, Hawk/Eagle, 1313, Biggest Wave, Fighter Jet

Performance: We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

Ken’s GuessNicole’s GuessJoel’s GuessJenny’s Guess
Dave GrohlBilly CoraganKevin Bacon

Final Results

Raccoon is Eliminated

Raccoon got the least amount of votes and was eliminated. Raccoon was revealed to be actor Danny Trejo.

Ken’s GuessNicole’s GuessRobin’s GuessJenny’s Guess
Mike Tyson
Danny Devito
Gary Bussey
Sly Stallone
Danny Devito
Tony Danza
Dustin Hoffman
Gary Bussey
Correct GuessCorrect Guess

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