Despite the impact of COVID-19 on production, Season 4 is already underway. The production teams are working from home now, and when the show starts there will be fewer people on-site and COVID-19 testing. As of right now, it is undecided if there will be a live audience. The show will begin shooting in August and the final decision on audiences will happen then.

The Masked Singer Season 4 Air Date

FOX hasn’t announced an official schedule yet, but it is expected that the schedule will be the same as Season 3. We’re predicting that Season 4 will begin at the end of September, and air on Wednesday at 8 PM EST.


In Season 4, Nick Cannon will again be the host. The judges will continue to be Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy. It is unknown who will be the guest judges, but it is expected that there will be even more celebrity judges.

Other Changes

Show creator Craig Plestis and costume designer Marina Toybina have provided a few hints about other changes for Season 4. When asked if the show’s format will be changed, Plestis said there would be some changes.

“We’re still tweaking it a little bit, to be honest, right now, based on some of the creative that we’re playing around with,” Plestis said during a recent interview. “But I gotta say, I’m really excited by the changes that we’re doing to some of the little beats within the show. But America loves it, so I don’t want to change too much and hurt the franchise.”

Plestis also said: “You’ll see that even more in Season 4, the gamesmanship has been upped beyond belief with what we’re doing.”

Regarding changes to The Masked Singer set, Plestis provided this detail.

“There’s some elements that we’re developing right now that will literally blow everyone’s mind with what we’re doing with the set, when it comes out in the fall, that no other network show has done before,” Plestis said during the panel. “So I’m really excited that we could push the bar here in Season 4.”

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